Healing Touch Fund

The Healing Touch Fund is a special fund to support cats and dogs in our care who have special or ongoing medical needs, or require emergency medical care and procedures. Support is essential for us to continue to provide quality care for these vulnerable pets and many more just like them.

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Electra came to Faithful Friends after someone found her roaming the streets in downtown Wilmington.  She was quickly examined by our medical team and tested positive for parvovirus, a highly contagious illness that causes vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. If left untreated, the illness can quickly become fatal.

Luckily, our medical team identified the symptoms and began treatment right away. The nights that followed were tough for this sweet pup, but our staff provided critical care and began to see signs of improvement.  Electra began to perk up and now seems to have turned a corner. She will continue to receive treatment and care at Faithful Friends until she is healthy again. Unfortunately, her growth will most likely be stunted due to effects the illness has had on her body.

Your support of our Healing Touch Fund will help Electra, and other pets just like her, get the urgent medical care they need live happy, healthy lives. Donate today to help us continue this lifesaving care.



Oreo: Abandoned in her Senior Years

Oreo is a sweet, senior dog who should be enjoying her golden years being comfortable and cared for. Instead, Oreo was abandoned by her owner in front of our shelter. She was left there sometime overnight – all alone until our staff found her when they arrived in the morning.

When Oreo’s picture was posted on our social media outlets, someone who knows her previous owner recognized her photo and contacted us to check up on her. This person also informed us that Oreo had a medical history that included seizures.

We knew Oreo needed special care right away and she was lucky enough to recieve excellent medical care from our friends at Longwood Veterinary Center, where she was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease.  Although Oreo will need continued medical treatment, she has been through a lot and we know she’s a fighter.  With your support of the Healing Touch Fund, we are able to provide Oreo with the continued care she needs and help her find a home with someone who will give her all the love she deserves in her golden years!




Oliver and Possum

Oliver and Possum were found as kittens and both had severely damaged eyes which needed to be removed.  The kittens have been in a loving foster home since they were found – growing and getting stronger.  Last week, it was time for their eye surgeries!

Both surgeries went extremely well.  Oliver still has one fully-funtional eye and Possum can see minimally with her one remaining eye.  Their foster mom reports that both kittens are doing very well and, despite her challenges, Possum gets around great and has no trouble going up and down the stairs and climbing the cat tree.  Both cats have wonderful temperaments and also get along with other cats and dogs.

These joyful kittens are alive today and will now have a chance to live a happy, healthy life thanks to YOUR support of our HealingTouch Fund!  Thank You.  You can help us save more animals like Oliver and possum by making a donation today!


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