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Boris was brought to the shelter by a woman when she found him  while on a walk with her own dog. The woman stated that she may not have even seen Boris if her dog had not reacted to it when he saw it.

Boris was in terrible condition. He was matted beyond belief, flea infested and emaciated. His nails were painfully overgrown (about an inch long) and some were growing into his paw pads. Our Dog Department Manager said this was one of the worst cases she has seen in over 15 years of shelter work. We knew under all those mats and mess was a handsome dog who desperately needed our help. We began the process of uncovering the sweet boy hiding under the mess.

He was given the royal treatment by our dedicated veterinary technicians and dog department staff. He got a much-needed shave and received a soothing bath. We cleaned his ears and eyes, gave him treatment for fleas, and his nails were trimmed. We also found out he is severely anemic, likely due to his severe flea infestation, and began his treatment for that as well. Right now, Boris is receiving fluids 3 times a day, B12 for anemia, two types of eye medication, and pain medication.

The extreme mats in Boris’s fur created “boots” around his feet, causing him to walk on his fur instead of his paw pads. Now that his fur has been shaved and mats removed, Boris will need some time to adjust and learn how to walk normally again. His paw pads are very soft and sensitive from not being used. In addition to all his medical treatment, Boris has been receiving lots of loving care from our staff. He was comfortably residing in the Dog Department Office in our administration area and recently moved to a loving foster home with a dedicated staff member. 

Although we don’t know what Boris has been through, Faithful Friends Animal Society will ensure that he is given the extra love, attention and care he deserves going forward. Boris will be available for adoption once he is cleared medically. When that time comes, we will ensure that he goes to a home where he will get more love and attention than he could ever dream of.

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Sweet Caroline, approximately 3 months old, was a special delivery to the shelter. Two kind police officers replied to a call of a kitten abandoned in a box on 3rd St in front of someone’s home. Caroline went into a foster home, and began adjusting back to a normal life. 

Caroline is being fostered by one of our medical staff members. Caroline is ready to be adopted into a forever home. Caroline does great in her foster home, she is super sweet but still reserved and will NEED a quiet home. We are hoping for Caroline to find her forever home soon so she wont have to come back to the shelter… our sweet girl does not do well here in the shelter, she begins to shut down and not eat.

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Ming came to the shelter after she ran out of a house when paramedics arrived. When paramedics caught her they realized she was extremely emaciated and needed help! Our clinic team went right to work giving her fluids, bloodwork, etc. in order to develop a treatment plan to get her healthy again. Poor Ming is in very sad shape but she has been all tail wags and wanted butt scratches during everything.

Sadly, her body temperature was a little below average so we set her up with a heating pad and kept her covered in warm blankets. As the night went on her temperature dropped so she was immediately taken to an emergency veterinary hospital. This sweet girl was truly deserving of a miracle. 

Ming’s x rays showed a normal chest. She was then put on IV fluids, b vitamins, injectable antibiotics and anti-nausea medications. Vet staff at the emergency hospital redid X-rays that showed something in her GI but it wasn’t bothering her and she was going to the bathroom regularly. While she was in her foster home, she continued on antibiotics and a special diet.  Ming had settled into her foster home well and was eating frequent small meals throughout the day, on antibiotics but mostly in good spirits. 

Ultimately, The foster family fell in love with little Ming and made her an official member of the family!

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Yeti was a 3 year old cat who arrived at the shelter on August 22nd, 2019. He was brought to the shelter by a nice person who saw him wandering the streets with an injury to his ear. Our vet discovered that he had Squamous Cell Carcinoma and decided that the best course of action would be to remove his ear. Once his ear was removed, Yeti finally had a clean bill of health and was ready to find his forever home. Yeti is deaf but that had not stopped him from being the biggest love bug. Yeti had one of his ears removed but was finally healthy and ready to find his forever home. Yeti was adopted and is living in a loving home that gives him a ton of love and attention. He was actually adopted with a fellow Faithful Friends kitty, Reggie. Now these two get to live out their lives together, getting as much love as possible!

Yeti is just one of thousands of cats stray cats in Delaware. Many are found sick or injured. Yeti is one of the lucky ones. Thanks to your support of the Healing Touch Fund, he has received the lifesaving treatment he needed and is now an indoor cat again with a loving family in his forever home. Donate today.

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When Skippy came to Faithful Friends he could barely move. The vet said he would need hospice care and would never be able to use his back legs again. It was discovered that he was paralyzed, partially blind, and had an enlarged heart after viewing his x-rays. One of staff veterinary technicians took Skippy home as a temporary foster – to monitor his progress and give him the care he needed. After a few days, he started moving but continued to drag his back legs. He began getting around a little easier using a donated doggie wheelchair and also started water therapy to strengthen his back legs.

Defying all odds, Skippy very quickly began to walk on his own and can now walk without his wheelchair or any assistance. He loves running around in circles! Recently, he found a permanent foster home and loves his new Mom and Dad and other four-legged siblings!

Your support of our Healing Touch Fund helped Skippy and will continue to help other pets just like him, get the urgent medical care they need to live happy healthy lives.

Donate today to help us continue this lifesaving care.

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Bradley was found when he joined a cat colony at Wilmington University. When Bradley joined the colony, the caretakers noticed. They were able to catch him and they saw that he was in terrible shape. They feared that he would have to be euthanized because he looked severely injured. Pam, one of the people that found Bradley, was very concerned because of his state, so she stepped in to help and saved Bradley’s life.

Our partners at Longwood Veterinary Center were able to quickly assess Bradley’s condition and despite his rough appearance, his diagnosis was scabies, a treatable condition. Bradley began treatment and after a just a few days, the Longwood staff told us that although he was very scared, he was not feral. Bradley was most likely abandoned and tried to survive outdoors for a while. They were even able to examine him without any sedation. They also noticed that he once had a fractured leg that had healed.

Bradley is currently in long term foster care, living his best life! He is getting all the love and affection he could ever want. 

Bradley is just one of thousands of cats abandoned each year in Delaware. Many are found sick or injured. Bradley is one of the lucky ones. Thanks to your support of the Healing Touch Fund, he has received the lifesaving treatment he needed and is an indoor cat again with a loving long-term foster family. Donate today.

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