Panther: Once a target of cruelty, now surrounded by LOVE!

In July, Panther arrived for his daily feeding, but something wasn’t right. He was dragging his hind leg. The colony caretaker could see Panther had a wound and it appeared that something terrible had happened. The caretaker took Panther home and tried to care for the wound, but it soon became apparent that he would need medical attention.

Panther was taken to the veterinarian and x-ray results revealed the ugly truth of how his injuries occurred – someone shot a BB gun at this sweet cat and severely injured his leg. The injury was so severe that his leg would need to be amputated. The cost of Panther’s medical care was too much for his caretaker, so he was referred to Faithful Friends.

Thanks to your support of our work, we were able to provide Panther with the medical help he needed and our in-house veterinary team performed the surgery. After recovering, Panther was placed up for adoption and it didn’t take long for him to find a loving home – indoors! He is very comfortable and doing great!

Make a donation to the Healing Touch Fund today! Your support will help pets like Panther get the medical care they need.


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