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Sanctuary Spotlight: Billy

Billy was brought to our shelter in May 2019 after being found running loose at an I-95 rest stop. Billy was a sweet guy with loads of personality, but also very scared and fearful of meeting new people.

Our staff worked hard to help Billy get accustomed to his daily routine of walks, car rides, training sessions, and playtime.
Billy has spent lots of time with our staff trainers and his Volunteer Ambassador who have helped him build his confidence.

Rene, Billy’s Volunteer Ambassador, has been one of his favorite people for over 2 years! She originally started working alongside the dog trainers so that Billy would be comfortable with her. That quickly progressed into solo car rides and off-site walks in the park. The two share a wonderful bond and love one another, proving once Billy warms up to a new person in his life, he is a joy to be around!

Recently, Billy began working with the owner of Free To Be Dog Haven, a place where a home is provided for dogs who experience the world through their own, unique perspectives. Free To Be Dog Haven works exclusively with shelters and rescue groups, taking in dogs that are harder to adopt, and they share our passion for caring for every dog as an individual.

During Billy’s visits to Free To Be Dog Haven, Billy got the chance to explore, meet new dog friends, and see if it would be a good match for him. He did great! He is continuing to visit to start acclimating to a new normal. This long-term foster placement will allow Billy to enjoy life outside of the shelter!

Rene has shared many special moments with Billy over the years (like the first time he dozed off while resting on her lap), but the most recent part of Billy’s journey has been memorable too. She recounted how wonderful it was to see Billy “run the fields at Free To Be Dog Haven enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, show friendly interest in meeting new dogs, and then actually play and run around with 6 other dogs.” Watching Billy quickly accept and trust the owner of the Free To Be Dog Haven was a special moment too.

We know Billy’s next steps will be bitter-sweet for those who have cared for and loved him over the last few years, but we could not be happier for him and everyone who has helped him in his journey to leave shelter life behind!

VIDEO: Watch Billy explore and make friends at Free To Be Dog Haven


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