Speckles hopes for a speedy recover!

Speckles came to the shelter from a rescue partner in Virginia. Speckles has been a long-time resident at this shelter in Virginia, and they reached out to Faithful Friends to help. He arrived on 5/4/2021 and was so excited to meet all of the humans and dog friends. Staff noticed a few days after he arrived that he was limping on his back leg. Our vet examined him and believed he had a torn ligament!
Speckles was sent to get x-rays, but because of his wiggly self, the vets were unable to read the graphs. He was then sent again to get x-rays with a little sedation so we could get a better idea of how to move forward with his leg injury. After seeing a specialist it was determined that he needed ACL surgery to repair his leg.
Earlier this week, Speckles underwent surgery and was picked up by his fosters.
Mr. Speckles is now recovering well, without a care in the world!
Speckle surgery cost $5,000. Donations to the Healing Touch Fund help pets, like Speckles, get the medical care they need and allowed Speckles the chance to run around with all of his human and doggie friends!
Your support means the world not only to us but to the animals we care for as well.
Donate to help Speckles and animals like him: Healing Touch Fund

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