Training Success: Skye has completed her training with Zach!

Our Dog Trainers have another happy customer! We love hearing personal testimonials from owners who have put our trainers’ skills and education to good use. 
Check out what Skye’s owners had to say about Zach’s great work! 

“My fiancé and I adopted a dog from Faithful Friends in October. Almost immediately, we started to see behavioral concerns, such as growling, showing her teeth when we would pet her, and her struggle to listen. We researched behavioral techniques online on our own, however, we were not successful in making any progress.
We contacted Faithful Friends with our concerns and Zach immediately scheduled a one-on-one appointment with us and our new dog. My fiancé, our dog, and I met with Zach, where he introduced us to behavioral techniques to use with our dog. Zach did not only talk through these techniques with us, but he also demonstrated exactly how to implement them on our own and allowed us time to practice with our dog. Immediately after our first session, we saw amazing progress, which provided us with so much hope! Our new family member was growling less and bonding with us through the positive behavior reinforcement techniques that we were taught by Zach.
After a total of four sessions with Zach explaining, teaching, and practicing, our dog was no longer growling or showing her teeth, and we felt confident that we could continue the positive reinforcement techniques for years to come. We are so grateful for Zach’s dedication, knowledge, and patience throughout this process. It was truly a wonderful learning experience, and now we have a happy new family member who we have a much better understanding for.”

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